Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on Classes!!

Hello everyone!  Some very exciting things have happened lately in my classes that I thought I should share.  I believe I've talked a little bit about my Ancient Architecture class already , but it has gotten really exciting lately.  Last week we made it up the Acropolis but it was too windy to have class so our Professor took us into the employee offices and we sat around this big old wooden table surrounded by guys speaking Greek who shoved food and shots of raki at us.  This was at 11 in the morning!  Our Professor disappeared during this time searching for books and by the time he came back we all had eaten loads of bread, "giant beans", amazing olive oil with spices in it, and radishes.  For the rest of the class he alternated between showing us pictures of different monuments and lovingly yelling at the guys in Greek.  Definitely a cool experience.  The next time our class met we were able to stay outside because the sun was out, but towards the end he took us inside, saying, "You probably want to go sit inside and have a snack".  During our lecture time outside on that same day, we also witnessed our professor getting into a shouting match with a newbie guard who didn't know who my professor was.  Apparently they've been recently tightening up on security so they hired a new batch of guards and my professor is used to just walking over all ropes, out onto any scaffolding, etc.  It seems like every day is an adventure up on the Acropolis, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

On another note, I just received a call from the cousin of my grandparent's friend, Vali, whom they met when they lived in Greece over 35 years ago.  They have a small school where they teach Greek to foreigners and have been waiting patiently for me to come visit them.  I am all set to walk over there tomorrow afternoon and I am so excited! This weekend a few of my friends and I are planning to take a ferry to the island of Aegina for a day trip because it's supposed to be a beautiful, sunny day in Greece.  Last weekend we also had a few sunny days and I bought some handmade leather sandals from the famous "Poet Sandalmaker", who's made sandals for the likes of Jackie O, John Lennon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Bob Saget! ;) While out and about on Saturday we also took a walk up to Anafiotika, a tiny little village built up against the base of the Acropolis that has an amazing history, which I will share in my next blog post!

Until next time,



  1. It sounds like you're having a blast. I'm going next semester and everytime I check out what you're doing I get even more excited.

  2. Thanks for all the whirlwind posts. It's great PR for studying abroad in Athens!