Monday, May 27, 2013

Living in a freshman dorm again?

As I write this I'm sitting in the same dorm that I lived in when I embarked on my Willamette adventure four years ago. This week I've have the unique opportunity to relive my freshman year as a Program Assistant for a new program at TIUA, "Window on Willamette." What's really crazy is that this is how I'm spending my last five days in this state, truly putting my last ounce of energy into this school. So far I'm loving it! It makes me wish that I'd gotten involved with the ASP (American Studies Program) students at Willamette earlier. I'm sure there will be hiccups, exhaustion, and I will become more and more overwhelmed as I simultaneously try to prepare for  my move to California and participate in the program, but so far I think I've made the right decision. What a way to tie up my experiences at WU.

Conversely, after WOW commences on May 31, I will embark on a grand adventure down to Azusa on June 1!!!! I couldn't be more ecstatic. I've already plotted the nearest Trader Joe's, Jamba Juice, and of course, Starbucks. In my preparations I've also been working on my required readings for orientation. The first book is about identifying and cultivating your identity while focusing on spiritual formation as an essential aspect of leadership development. It has been so encouraging to realize that APU truly strives to focus on God as the center of all of its curricula. At this point I can see so clearly why God wanted me to go to Willamette and I am so thankful for the experiences and unique opportunities I had there, but man I can't wait for some spiritual nourishment and education rooted in faith!!

I am beyond stoked for the next year, and I hope to keep this up as a way to chronicle my adventures as I attempt to navigate the ridiculous traffic, prices, and amazing HEAT of sunny SoCal. Bring it on! :D