Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Peloponnese pics

Temple of Zeus at Nemea
 A beautiful church I found in a seaside town we stopped at for lunch.
 Some ruins from the Olympic Temple of Zeus.  Hard to capture the scale of these column fragments but they were HUGE!
 View from Mycenae!
 Another view from Mycenae.
 This is what we saw from the bus on our drive home! Absolutely breathtaking.
 The Corinth canal.
Me and a friend trying to read the ancient inscriptions on this block in Epidaurus! We sat there for a good half hour going line by line, trying to get fragments of the words.  It was very exciting!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I had the same problem communicating the amazing size of the toppled columns of the temple at Olympia when I was there in 2001. I finally had the imposing Stas Stavrianeas in Exercie Sci stand among them, and he looked suitably dwarfed. ;-)