Saturday, December 31, 2011

Packing, h&m, and tear gas oh my?

Well, it’s beginning. My obsessive list-making trait has always been something I valued, and it’s about to pay off. Last night I began the first draft of my packing list for the ultimate semester abroad experience, to ATHENS, GREECE (countdown 26 days).
Now I know what you’re thinking; isn’t everything falling apart over there? Isn’t everything closed and everyone on strikes and dish soap horrendously expensive?? Yes, yes, and pretty much. But what you should be asking is: Isn’t that one of the most beautiful places in the world? A city where old meets new in a brilliant way, where you can shop in H&M (materialistc) and then look up and see the Acropolis crowned with 3,000 year old structures? Why yes, it is.  And I’ll admit, I’m a little scared about all of the excitement over there, (I am from Salem, OR, after all). But honestly I hope that I have at least a grain of common sense and I’ll know how to respond if I see tear gas bombs being tossed around. We’ll see.  
When faced with worried inquiries about the state of Greece and what I would do if everything completely blew up while I was over there, I’ve decided to go the comedic (and comforting) route: “Why, I’ll just go relax on the beach with all the Greeks and ride it out.” 
Anyway. This is my blog which I will use to update all of my friends and loved ones while I’m on my great adventure. I will also use it to whine about the things I miss and wish I had (hint, hint: Pi Phi abroad package) and brag about the amazing things I’m experiencing.  Hope I’m not too boring, I’ll also probably throw a couple pictures up of ancient stuff here and there. I’ve heard rumors that in my Ancient Architecture of Athens class we get to climb around inside and on top of the Parthenon, so I’ll probably try to snap a pic of that.