Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On the road again...

Well this year has certainly been a whirlwind. I am now almost 4/5 done with my master's program and this year I have had a ball down in sunny Southern California! I have discovered a new passion for Organizational Development while figuring out how to incorporate my existing love for ancient and modern Greece in incredible ways. I've started taking modern Greek language lessons at a local Greek church and have enjoyed building a community with my fellow students and hellenophiles and I'm currently working on co-writing an article with my professor addressing the Greek "Burden of Antiquity" as it relates to org development!

I have made lifelong friends as we have suffered together through a program where we were thrown off the deep end with real life consulting projects and a barrage of group projects. This year I have been blessed with way too many things to count, but my latest excitement is that I am going back to GREECE! For the very end of our program we are traveling to Ireland, DC, and NYC for corporate visits, and a couple friends and me were able to finagle a quick trip over to Athens for the week before! I can't contain my excitement, it will be so fun sharing my favorite country with friends. I will try to be better about updating this blog so I can record these crazy next few months because I'm sure I won't remember everything after the excitement passes. Crazy things to come!