Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Με λένε Lacey

Hello friends!! I feel like I've been in Athens forever but really it's only been two days. So much to tell...orientation has been going well. We have loads of free time (which is aided by the Greek siesta every afternoon where everything shuts down from 2-5). The highlight of my last two days has been my survival Modern Greek class, I love speaking it! There is so much expression and passion in the language. Tonight we are all going out to a ταβερνα or taverna to have a huge greek meal, I am VERY excited. As you all know, I am a huge fan of Greek food, and while our two cafeteria lunches we've had so far have been exciting and new, I still feel like I haven't had a good Greek meal yet. Last night the school hosted two traditional Greek dancers who came to show us some moves, it was really fun! This week's itinerary includes a huge scavenger hunt around the whole if Athens, Amazing Race style, and a visit to the U.S. Embassy to learn about emergency procedures and what not. Another fun fact about my new home: Shortly before I left Oegon, I made an interesting discovery, the makeup brand Korres which is sold at Sephora is hased in Athens! What I did not expect was that a Korres store would be right next to my school! Trouble...I did some damage there today but it was worth it. Who needs to eat right? Oh, I suppose I should write a bit about my apartment and new friends, i think I've been extra scatterbrained lately since I don't have school to keep me in line...o am living in Παγκράτι (pronounced Pangrati) about two minutes from school. It is very European, with tiny streets and old buildings and a huge church in the middle of it all. My apartment is tiny but it's quickly becoming home. My flatmates are so great, I'm quickly making many friends. There are students from all over here, especially the east coast! I will let you all know how my dinner is tonight. ;)

Until next time, καλησπέρα!


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